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The first Print-on-demand platform for food industry professionals

MyCookbook has partnered with one of the world's leading print-on-demand companies to make self-publishing your own cookbooks simple and effortless. You provide the recipes, and we take care of everything else to publish and sell your cookbooks!

NO UPFRONT COSTS: Unlike traditional publishing, there are no upfront costs. You don't need to hire a book designer or pay to pre-print your cookbooks. You simply get paid with every cookbook sold.

INCREASED SALES: Your fans can customize their cookbooks by choosing which recipes they want. Your customers aren't forced to purchase a cookbook with recipes they don't want. And the more recipes they choose, the more revenue you generate.

REACH GLOBAL AUDIENCE: You can now sell your cookbooks to anyone, regardless where they live. With a global network of commercial printing hubs, we can fulfil orders from anywhere in the world with cost effective delivery.

NO INVENTORY OR SHIPPING HASSLES: We help you manage the end-to-end customer buying cycle from cookbook purchase to order tracking and delivery. We also manage inquiries related to their orders.

HIGHER MARGINS: The average margin for a cookbooks sold via our platform are much higher than traditional publishing or self-publishing. Margins vary depending on the book's format and length but average between 20 - 30% of the purchase price.

How it works



We love working with people in the food industry. We help food bloggers and professional chefs monetize their recipe collections and access a global audience of fans and food lovers. Please contact us to learn more about MyCookbook's unique cookbook publishing platform and advantages versus traditional self publishing.