The Background Story Of MyCookbook

The idea for MyCookbook came one day when I stared at a stack of recipes that I'd printed. There must of been 200 recipes in the pile...

I thought to myself - there's got to be a better way of collecting my favourite recipes.

I barely used half of the recipes more than twice, not that they weren't good (I threw out the ones I didn't like), it just wasn't convenient going thru the pile to find what I wanted.

I tried using a binder with plastic inserts for the recipes. That made things neat and more organised, but I didn't use the recipes that much more often. Why? One word - uninspiring.

Probably like many of you, I'm a visual cook and a beautiful photo of a dish makes me both hungry and motivated to make it. Plus, it gives you clues of how to make the recipe, not just the end result. Call me old-school (because I am) but I love cooking with cookbooks. Cooking with an iPad or mobile phone? No thanks - I don't want to wash my hands every time I want to scroll thru the recipe. And how the hell can you read a recipe on a small phone screen?? And then it came to me: wouldn't it be cool to save online recipes in a cookbook? Even better, not only save the recipes but also format them automatically so that it looked like a professionally designed cookbook? And be able to edit the recipes and images to fit my needs?

So I started looking online for an existing application that could do just that. I came across a few websites to make your own cookbook but only with your own recipes (I also wanted online recipes), others that would allow you to scrape online recipe but with no book printing services, and a few others in between. And then I came across an API (kinda like an app for non-techies) that had been developed by Paul. He'd developed an algorithm that was able to copy ingredients, instructions and image of any online recipe but cut out all of the text I didn't want such as comments, ads, etc. Long story made short, I reached out to him with the idea of a print-on-demand cookbook app for online recipes and we started collaborating. 6 months later, we had our first MVP (basic product for non-techies) and a few orders. And as they say, the rest is history. Paul and I continue to work together every week to improve MyCookbook. We still have a lot of work to do but I think we've come up with a great little app. I'm particularly proud of the quality of our printed hardcover cookbooks - they're beautiful. We hope you'll try creating your own personalised cookbook. If we can be of any assistance, please email us at

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